Rocana Ops: Taming The New IT Stack

An exciting moment for any venture investor is when one of your startups is ready to launch its flagship product. Today marks the debut of Rocana Ops from Rocana (formerly ScalingData), a team that I've had the pleasure of backing as a founding investor.

Rocana Ops is a potentially game-changing product because it brings the capabilities of modern big data analytics technologies to the domain of IT Operations, offering an unprecedented level of visibility to manage complex infrastructure.

Rocana Ops is not quite like any other IT operations analytics solution on the market – instead it’s introducing a whole new approach to managing IT called Augmented IT Operations.

Augmented IT Operations gives IT administrators a powerful new approach to managing full stack applications, infrastructure and security. We believe that Rocana Ops’ Augmented IT Operations approach will be faster, more efficient, and more scalable than any other solution on the market and will set a new standard for how enterprises can manage complex, converged, modern infrastructure on a global scale.

To understand the rationale for Rocana Ops and this new concept of Augmented IT Operations, consider the recent evolution of IT. The past few years have seen the introduction of promising new technologies like Hadoop, Docker, and OpenStack that are making IT infrastructure more efficient and flexible, but also more complex. As a result, IT teams no longer have a clear view of which systems are affecting application performance or which parts of the stack are vulnerable to attacks. Legacy monitoring solutions are often silo-specific – meaning that IT admins have to spend lots of time manually searching through different systems or log files in order to find the root cause of any particular issue.

With Rocana Ops and the emergence of Augmented IT Operations, all of that is about to change.

Rocana Ops gives administrators a holistic view of their IT infrastructure in one streamlined console. Rocana Ops uses data visualization techniques, supported by advanced analytics and machine learning, to guide admins to identify issues and find root causes more quickly and efficiently – in real-time instead of hours or days. And thanks to its foundation of contemporary big data technologies, Rocana Ops is dramatically more scalable than existing solutions, capable of processing many terabytes of data per day.

New challenges require new solutions. To learn more about Rocana Ops and how Augmented IT Operations can help you navigate the changing landscape of IT infrastructure, visit the Rocana web site.