ScalingData: Big Data Meets IT Operations

"TrueCar said that their previous cost for storing a gigabyte of data (including hardware, software, and support) for a month in a data warehouse was $19. Using Hadoop, they pay 23 cents a month per gigabyte. That two orders-of-magnitude cost differential has got to be appealing to a lot of CIOs."

Excitement continues to grow around Hadoop. By harnessing the power of commodity compute infrastructure, it unlocks a different economic model for large scale data. For this reason, Hadoop serves as the plumbing for a slew of innovative products and services that previously wouldn’t have been feasible.

More broadly, Hadoop is increasingly viewed as the new platform for building data-driven applications.

But even now, several years into the age of Hadoop, there are few packaged apps for this platform. If Hadoop is Windows, where is its Office? It can’t be that everyone needs to write their own apps from scratch.

That’s one reason I’m excited to lead General Catalyst’s Series A investment in ScalingData, and to join the company’s board of directors.

ScalingData is building data applications for IT operations that are scalable, cost-efficient and open. This is arguably the killer app for Hadoop.

The team at ScalingData is ready to tackle this challenge. Omer, Don, and Eric led many large scale deployments of data infrastructure in their tenures at Cloudera, Vertica, and Experian. Now they’re building products that encapsulate that hard-earned know-how.

We have some experienced advisors and collaborators joining alongside us on this journey, including Steve Herrod, my partner at General Catalyst and former CTO at VMware; Brian Stevens, CTO at Red Hat; and the team at Google Ventures.

And we are already off to the races, working hands-on with a select group of Fortune 500 pilot customers.

There is a huge opportunity to build apps that leverage the Hadoop platform ecosystem. ScalingData is leading the charge.

If your business depends on reliable IT operations at big data scale, you’ll want to watch this space and follow @scalingdata to learn more about ScalingData's upcoming products.